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Conceptionalizing The Enigmni...

The Enigmni began almost as a dream back in 1964 while Cook was a student of Graphic Arts at Texas State University. He was examining a halftone screen in an offset printing class when he observed the moire pattern formed visually when many screens were placed upon one another. To Cook, it looked just like the waves formed by Holographic plates. Cook began thinking about a universe that is manifest by broadcast into a physical state. Light was its source and he knew who the Light was. As the years went by, he started dreaming of a past that started at the seat of Time. "When I look back, I started Enigmni over 40 years ago," states Cook. Little by little, he began writing and sketching ideas. Then in 1965 he did a painting that he called "Star Gate" now owned by J. Tom Martin.

Many of Cook's students and friends can long remember him speaking of the mystical Moire Matrix. He even taught a short class on the concept in his advanced design classes at Angelo State University back in 1974-'77. Guy Bachman who worked with Cook at the Pitluk Group Advertising Agency in 1980-81 often asked, "how the Moire Matrix was doing today?"

Over those years, a flood of paintings began to develop in his studio and in his mind. "I came up with the title in 1981."  ENIGMNI was a word he made up from a combination of Enigma and Omni. It means the absolute and ultimate Unknowable.

The Version Covers of Enigmni

The Enigmni becomes an E-Book...

When Cook began to teach at the university and on the secondary levels, he would tell a basic story to the students about how to develop materials for a story that would become a movie and perhaps a video game. The students were invited to create ideas about the storyline and thereby get a feel for the real world. In 1995 Cook began to get real serious about the book and actually started writing some of the book back then. It was during this time that someone invaded his computer and caused it to crash. Cook enlisted help from various sources to try to find who had invaded his system. Later a number of storylines came out in the form of movies that others thought were like his book. It was not.

In 1998 the book came out on the net and was set up as a free read. Today, it is still on line and is still a free read. His next book will be the Moire Arena and it will follow after the first...The Enigmni.

Sketches for Enigmni Story

Design for Movie Making...

Cook has directed videos for large steel companies, oil companies and many other organizations. TV commercials for the NBA Spurs, Auto Dealerships, Banks and Builders have loaded his portfolio. Perhaps his big dream has been to do a movie about the Meta-Fictional Books that he has put on line and in the back of his mind. He worked for the Texas Film Commission when he did his stint with The Governor's Office. "That is when I met the folks who do the really big stuff in the moving arts realm, and it really caught my imagination, " states Cook. He often sits around in his spare time, designing storyboards for his various ideas. The Enigmni would be the most special of movies due to its subject matter. One could marvel.

More than just making movies, Cook dreams of the potential of interactive video creation in a virtual realm. The video games of today have great potential for new products. When one can simulate and role-play, they are parts of the movie. That is the ultimate entertainment. "Total Recall" and "Halo" 1&2 really came home for Ron Cook's way of thinking. Lets not forget "Morrowind" either.

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