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The Enigmni is heavy into Graphic Images. The main character is an Image Surveyor.

Claronu is the main storyteller of the Enigmni. He is what they called "Omegon" or advanced soul. Claronu's primary objective is to go to the Enmayi Planet where he is to conduct a survey like no person in our time period has ever done. Claronu is a Psycho Cognitive or one who can deduce with help from beyond any past historical event just by touching or scanning any object. He is able to see into the past and to some degree, see into the future. The images he sends to Anjona had to be hand drawn due to an outage on his scepter of the graphic mode in his early attempt to test the device. He had to rely on his ability to convey ideas via his own hand. The examples above are a few of the 75 to 80 illustrations that he sent before his departure into the realm of Timelessness.

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