Presenting the many creative thoughts of Ron O. Cook

Creating Stuff...

Some folks write and some illustrate their concepts. Ron Cook has got to see it in his mind's eye before he puts it down on paper as a picture or words. He has been thinking gestaltly for much of his life. In 1963, while at the university, he formulated his "Moire Matrix" concept when he first started studying holography. It was a paradigm of the Holographic and Virtual Universe's existence. Eureka! When the flame caught, it began to engulf his thinking about all disciplines. He soon realized that it was all related to the information one receives via feedback looping from internal and external sources that determines the parameters of sensory thought. He realized that humans could leverage the tools of life for power and control of their environment and they wanted to have it NOW! He applied his theory to all aspects of buying and selling...It works (check out HYPED).

Written Materials Section...

1. HYPED or Human Leveraging

2. Deep Articles on Human Thought Patterns

3. Excerpts from the CRUX OF BEING

4. THE ENIGMNI...Cook's Meta-Fictional account of the Origins and Workings of the Universe


Other Written Materials on Various Subjects...