Ron O. Cook has done thousands of graphics in his long career of design and creation in print and video. Some 1800 publications or more have been developed and many are top award winners.

You name it. Logos? Long term design? Annual Reports? Brochures? Magazines? Campaigns? On and On, one climbs up the chain of tools to reach the prospective observer and potential decision maker. Cook knows how to reach their minds.

The power of visual impact is his expertise...To create an image so influential that it is long remembered and strongly recalled.

The Internet, Intranet, the Grid, Virtual Reality, Holography and the realization of it all is now the forum of modern day communications. Role-playing Simulation and Instant Messaging with graphics from your phone are the next great avenues of mental amplification. Thinking on how to reach a potential client or friend with a relevant message that is concise and exact is very beneficial to moving to the next level in the development of a marketplace or a service.

Cook has worked with and for a lot of good companies and garnered much knowledge in computer technology and the methods needed to position all clients on the highest levels of visual understanding. Interesting!

ROC/COM offers the total spread of talent. That includes graphics derived from sculpture if necessary. Cook is a ceramicist and often he does a pre Columbian Head just to keep his hands busy. Now he is moving to add the visual aspect of photographing those objects into illustrations as a different technique. Hey, it works.

Foremost, Ron O. Cook is a designer, but one who can get a lot more from his mental life journey. He loves thinking. It means keeping busy with his client's work which is still informating...even if the art technique is from the age of stone.

Magazine Graphics 2006