Ron O. Cook has done hundreds if not a thousand paintings since he was a little kid. He has painted almost every theme that the great masters ever tried and has taught such techniques to many of his students. His works are scattered all over the Southwest.

Cook, who signs his drawings and paintings as "Von Koch" after his ancestors, has done many hundreds if not thousands of paintings, illustrations, drawings and portraits over a period of 35 years. His first commission was 32 major paintings in 1966 for a Houston Promoter. The non-objective paintings ranged from 5 X 12 feet to 3 X 6 feet in size. Thereafter, Cook's agent, J. Tom Martin (Houston Architect), helped place hundreds of paintings, drawings and prints in the surrounding Houston area for almost ten years.

Cook prides himself as a painter who can accomplish any and all techniques of applying media to a surface. He has painted numerous realistic portraits, non-objective abstracts, and graphic surrealistic representations all in the same studio setting--switching from one work to the other in seconds. Much of his recent work has involved utilization of computers to develop his visual concepts. He has done this with some of his e-books, which are illustrated and many are in the process of becoming movie storyboards for future development. One such e-book, THE ENIGMNI, is found on this site.

He is currently developing a new theme for his prints and paintings that stress the Alternate Viewpoint/s of past ancient civilizations especially those thought to exist some 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. One example of such creations is represented below. It is a representation of the 2012 Mayan Series of works that Cook has been involved with the past 15 years.

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