(A Resume of Sorts)

Ron O. Cook -- Designer of Ideas

Our Mindset...

ROC/COM is built upon the dynamics of our changing business trends and conditions. American business needs the creative impetus and the intellectual input to supersede the challenges of stealthy competition from overseas or down the street.

Because change is the only constant, we at ROC/COM knew long ago that we had to re conceptualize the traditional means of marketing to today's savvy recipient or consumer. Multitalented people are the true assets of any advertising group or marketing firm. They can do it all. That is why we utilize the freelance geniuses all over the world to augment any team needed to amplify your image to the market. We are as big as we need to be in order to build your branding mechanisms into profit margins.

Top Down Strategy...

What ROC/COM offers that is beyond the norm is an effective interface with top authority. It is a fact that many times the creative thinking needed is missing from the boardroom and the CEO's office. Our experience comes from consulting for Presidents, the Governor's Office, Congressmen, Legislators, Publishers, and other top personnel. It is our job to amplify thinking, thus offering different perceptions and perspectives on difficult decision making. Conceptual Strategy is the creative side of strategic planning...Now the Top can lead more precisely with Ron O. Cook in the background.


The Power Behind the Idea...

Gestalt means total or a panoramic thought process...in and out of the box at the same time. Below is a resume of Ron O. Cook, gestaltist...generalist.


As a Communications & Marketing Consultant to Government, Fortune 500 CEOs, and top business leaders, I have developed comprehensive marketing strategies for national award winning marketing campaigns, communications and public relations programs. I have accomplished this while elevating my expertise as a leader in knowledge management and virtual paradigms for future business structures in a time when chaos and complexity sets the pace for tomorrow's market potential.  


•  Consulted for Government Organizations (Educational, Governor's Office & others)

•  Served as an Assistant Publisher for a Harte-Hanks Metro Newspaper

•  Marketing Plans Consultant for 1. $30 M aircraft for Saab-Fairchild, 2 USAA, 3. San Antonio Spurs (NBA)

•  Designed 14 Metro Newspapers and 5 magazines for major publishers around the nation

•  Consulted for Institutional agencies such as the State Board of Education and Texas Education Agency

•  Consulted for Texas Film Commission, Criminal Justice Division, Texas Dept. Community Affairs

•  National Award Winning Advertising Designer and Marketing Strategist and the National Family Weekly Magazine.

•  Appointed to the Mayor's Educational Committee for San Antonio 2000 and other educational agencies

•  Appointed to the Texas State Textbook Committee

•  Appointed to the Southern Governor's Conference Committee through the Office of the Governor of Texas.

•  Served two seasons marketing the NBA San Antonio Spurs.

As an administrator and consultant I have lead committees, CEOs, and presidents in developing competent programs in the following business and institutional areas:

•  Communications & Development (corporate, university, board of city development)

•  University News & Information, Media Representative, Public Relations, university publications director

•  Human Resources , out placement, benefits, company intranet director and employee communications

•  Community Relations (Public Relations Director for Texas Association of Business, United Way

•  Marketing / Advertising Administration, Market Research - demographic / psychographic and gestalt research

•  Communications Administrator, Communications Consultant and agency trouble shooter

•  Assistant Publisher, Graphics Editor, Publications Director Photography Director

•  National Sales Director, National Seminar Director, Director Graphics Division, Graphics Editor

•  President of own Companies, Consultant to the Texas Governor's Office and Officers

•  National award winning Senior Art Director and Creative Director

•  Webmaster / Futurist. (Ten + years corporate communications and agency experience. Qualified as Knowledge Generalist or Chief Knowledge Officer)

•  University Administrator, Alumni Executive Secretary, Alumni Relations Director


National Seminar Director, National Graphics and CyberArts Speaker, Wrote & Illustrated   (SF) E-book. (98) National Educational Speaker...example: Coppini Academy of Fine Art (Future of Aesthetics), National Space Foundation (Future of Education--UTSA). (99).




Angelo State University   - Treasurer to Student Govt. Dean's Honor Roll.

Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.   Degree:   B S in CA,   GPA-3.1

Major:   Communication Arts, Advertising Arts, Graphic Arts, and Multimedia.   GPA-3.61 in field

Minor:   Industrial Arts (Engineering Drafting, Press, Prepress (Media), Photography 1&2, Dean's Honor Roll - IA Club, GPA-3.16 in minor.

Post Graduate Work in Education for Secondary Certification - GPA-3.94 /18 hrs.

Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX   (Smrs.87-88) Certification - Communications

Post Graduate Work--University of Texas, Austin, TX--Audit courses in advanced marketing.

Software Knowledge: Microsoft (all), Claris, Now, Adobe (Photoshop-expert), PageMaker, QuarkXpress, FrontPage 2000, Sitemill, PageMill, GoLive, ImageReady, Macromedia, Illustrator and about 100 others. Systems: Mac & PC.


Prior:   President - of Von Koch Communications, now ROC/COM Consultants-San Antonio, Texas (81 to Present), Projects: Communications Coordinator / Intranet Director (includes Webmaster) for San Antonio Express-News HR Human Resources Department . Develop the company news organs; news/press releases, bulletins, booklets, brochures and other communications media.   Oversee and manage the company Intranet, develop web creativity and physically build the 200,000-page site. Services offered: product, industrial and consumer marketing, advertising-all phases, institutional development, corporate strategy, corporate image, psychographic research, media research, educational research, direct mail campaigns, campaign strategy, political strategy, creative design, account services, Web Development, strategic planning and financials for all the above.   Taught Computer Graphics, Internet, automated agency and Web building courses at the SA Art Institute (college-level) and Lee H.S. Mayor appointed to three community committees on education. Appointed to Texas State Textbook Committee (Proc-69). Consulted for: Texas State Board of Education, Universities and Secondary and Adult & Continuing Education Levels.   Conferences: Future of the Region, Governor's Conference On Education, Governor's Conference on Science & Math, San Antonio 2000, National Computer Graphics Association. Topics:   Future of Technology and Educational Technology.

CLIENTS SERVED & ETC.: 1981-1999  

Tescorp Energy, Inc. Interfaced with CEO and MVP--corporate marketing program. (81-83).   Harte-Hanks Communications - developed corporate relations campaign.   Interfaced with CEO (83). Tesoro Petroleum developed advocacy advertisements for public positioning; interfaced with VP Corporate Relations.   Office of the Governor (83) (Texas) Mark White ... developed channels of communications, systems interface, image and materials for Texas Budget and Planning Office, Texas Criminal Justice Division, Texas Film Commission, Governor's Dept. of Community Affairs.   Served on Committee for the Southern Governors Conference and attended Governor's Select Commission on Education as a representative of a client for education database concepts (Holmes & Shaw, Inc.). Interfaced with Governor's General Consul (83).   North Star Mall...Christmas marketing campaign and mall POPs   (84).   Venus Oil/Ford Miller...developed total image campaign   (84-86).   Harte-Hanks Newspapers and Magazines (prototyped and setup San Antonio Monthly and The Texas Weekly magazines), Harte-Hanks Graphics, Inc (86).   Pitluk Group--developed TV storyboards for Frost Bank, Eye-Pro Express, Carquest (86). KSMG Magic! Radio...developed station billboards and direct mail for special promotions.   (86). Developed and Designed 11 newspapers for Sutherland Pubs. (87 - 90). Directed personnel from 5 to 75. Wrote weekly column for SA Daily Com. Recorder (over 600 articles). (86 - 98)



The Pitluk Group (advertising agency ranked in top 11% natl.)-San Antonio, Texas (79-81).   Services performed: Television Commercials, marketing plans, strategy, client contact, vendor contact, media contact, photo direction, art direction, design, administration of campaigns, management of direct mail projects, television producer/director, presentations, and supervision of personnel (4-8).   CLIENTS SERVED: Saab-Fairchild (manufacturer of airplanes), USAA (Fortune 100 financial institution), NBA-Spurs, San Antonio Economic & Development Foundation, United San Antonio (received commendation from General McDermott - Then USAA CEO for visual presentation), Texas Citrus Exchange, First City National Bank, Carquest. Won numerous awards (National Addy-1, District Addys-3, Local Addys-17). Left to start his own business as a communications consultant.

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