Ron O. Cook is a multifaceted talent that can design with the best of the best. His work can look ancient or far out modern. He taught advanced design at Angelo State University back in the late 70s. He taught Computer Graphics before computers were on the market. That's how much he loves being able to create almost anything. For many years he taught computer graphics on the secondary level and the university level while maintaining a thriving freelance business with the best of clients.

He served large and small clients -- like the San Antonio Spurs, USAA, Halliburton Industries and many more. Cook designed some 14 metro newspapers, 5 magazines, and over 1800+ publications. He has designed advertising campaigns that gave him national recognition with various Addy Awards.

The great thing about Ron O. Cook is that he has the experience and knowhow to amplify anyone's marketing and advertising message to its highest level. Not only does he design, illustrate, conceptualize, and direct video or movies -- he also writes great copy. He is a former Assistant Publisher for a metro newspaper and he had a column for 12 years with a San Antonio Legal Journal. He has written four books and one is on line right here.

A mind full of images -- yes, that is Cook. He can take thousands of ideas and fabricate just the right image to convey a unique idea. He has a large library of books and various resources to draw from, but most of all he is good at Design on the Fly. Fuzzy Logic and Designing while he moves through an assignment. At one time Cook won an award for being the fastest and first with finished products for clients. He is good...and he is fast.

He believes in the Gestalt Principle...Designing inside and outside of the Box at the same time.

Virtual Reality and Holography are parts of Cook's impression upon thought. He loves technology and seeks to help his clients grow into the new realm of deeper thinking and higher ideals for their products and services.

The Design Process of ROC/COM is one of deep thought upon high expectations. It is the mating up of information and technology...what Ron O. Cook and his old friend Don Pausback calls


Magazine Design Concepts